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Deutsche Choreo Choreograph Engl.
Level Interpret/Song von Link
Follow Me Pierré Andre   32/
Beg Fishing In The Dark by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band  ?? Video
All Shook Up For Two Naomi Fleetwood-Pyle UK   ADV Billy Joel,
Elvis Presley,
All Shook Up,
All Shook Up,
Jul 09 Video
Billy's Dance Pierre Mercier     48 Int San Francisco,
Hold Your Horses -
If My Heart had Wings,
Let's Go Childish,
Daddy Laid The Blues On Me,

The Olsen Brothers,
Faith Hill,

The Cartoons,
Bobbie Cryner,

Feb 08 Video
Bucket Seats Dan Albro UK 32/4 Beg Somewhere In My Car by Keith Urban 118 bpm Jun 14 Video
El Paso Unbekannt   28 New Tracy Byrd,
Jeff Carson,
Brooks & Dunn,
Drinkin Bone,
Shine On,
Neon Moon
2007 Video
Horseshoe Shuffle Joe Serna UK 32 New   Jeder Cha Cha Jan 03 Video 
Hudson Vally Cha Cha Dan Albro UK 32 Int Where You Gonna Go by Toby Keith
Man To Man by Gary Allan
2012 Video 
Like A Rose Helene Lavoie & Michel Auclair  UK 64/4 Int Like A Rose von Ashley Monroe Jan 15 Video
Lover Please Come Back Bobby Houle       Billy Swan Lover Please Come Back   Video
Spring Swing Rick & Deborah Bates       Fresh Coat Lee Roy Parnell   Video 
Suzanne Suzanne Hazel Pace  /Feb 2008     Int Bellamy Brothers,
Bellamy Brothers,
Suzanne Suzanne,
Highway Blue,
Sway Unbekannt       Alan Jackson  Here In The Real World   Video
Sweethaert Scottisch         Donkey Town Sweethaert Scottisch
Living On Love
Tango With The Sheriff  Adrian Churm   Phrased Int Dave Sheriff Cha Tango Mrz 10 Video
Tender Hearts Donna Marie Bildeau UK 32 Int Lionel Richie
Lionel Richie
Jo Dee Messina
Tender Heart
Here Is My Heart
Feb 02 Video
Tennesse Waltz For Two Hubert Couzy   36/4 Nov Patti Page The Tennessee Waltz Feb 13


Whiskey Wishes Dan Albro Eng 32 Beg/Int Whiskey Well by Matt Stillwell Mai 12 Video

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